Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As I was typing that last post, the fellow came into the room and said, after looking over everything, she's planning to run a few more tests. The x-rays still look fine, but we need more info. So, here is what's about to happen in the next few minutes/hours:

-an echo to look at his heart and make sure it still has healthy, normal function
-an EKG to make sure his pacemaker is working as it should be
-more blood work to take some cultures in order to rule out infection (his white blood count is normal, so infection isn't suspected. The doctors here like to double and triple check everything, and I so appreciate that!)
-a test called a BMP which will look at his electrolyte levels

Again, we ask that you fervently pray for Ethan, Jeramie and me, and the entire medical staff. I hope to have more information the next time I post.


Scott said...

Joye & Jeramie - I'm praying for Ethan right now.

The Chappell Family said...

We have been sitting here lifting up your family...our hearts are with you during this difficult time...

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