Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Urgent Update

Hey y'all. We're in need of some prayers right now. Since about 2:45 this afternoon, Ethan has been having some difficulties. He woke up from a nap hot and sweaty, which turned into cold and clamy. Not long after that, he became pale, his lips were looking a little blue, and he was struggling to breathe. The doctors immediately got involved and ordered a series of tests including: a chest x-ray to look at his lungs, an abdomen x-ray to check out his bowels, and blood tests to check his red and white blood count.

The good news is that the x-rays came back clear. His lungs and tummy look fine, which led the docs to believe he was anemic. It wasn't much longer until we got the results of the bloodwork, which showed that his blood levels had actually increased from his last work-up, which is also good news. So, now what?

We're not sure, and neither are the doctors. The cardiology fellow is currently looking over the x-rays and blood levels herself and is hoping to develop a plan of action after doing so.

The "good news" would be a little easier to accept if Ethan was doing better, but he's not. He's still very pale and looks exhausted. There are times when he breaks out in a cold sweat and his lips begin to turn blue. His breathing is still labored, which is extremely difficult to watch. He is definitely not his normal self and we wish we knew why.

Please stop what you're doing and pray for our son. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, nurses, Jeramie, and myself. Pray that we will be strong advocates for him. Pray that his symptoms would either disappear, or we would find a reason for them.

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