Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey guys. I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few days, but I've just not had the energy or desire to post anything lately. I'm just going to highlight the facts we know, as of right now, and hopefully I'll be able to give more details later.

Heart: We're still not sure about Ethan's heart function. The second echo, compared to the first, showed that things had improved slightly. He had another one this morning, but we haven't heard the results of that yet. The hope is that the further out we get from his arrest, the better his function will be, so we'll see.

Lungs: X-rays are showing that his lungs are not yet clear, but getting there. Each x-ray looks a little better, so we're hopeful that they'll be back to normal fairly soon. He is on very minimal settings with the vent, and it's been mentioned that they may try to extubate tomorrow.

Brain: In trying to figure out what happened on Wednesday, one doctor mentioned possible seizure activity. An EEG was performed to monitor Ethan's brain and it showed no current seizures. However, it can't tell us if he had them in the past, or if he'll have them in the future. One thing the EEG did show is something called diffuse slowing, meaning activity was slowed over all of his brain. This could be because of the sedatives he was on during the test, or also because he was on the jet vent at that time. We've been told the only way we'll know if the results are accurate will be by watching his behavior over the next few days as he begins to wake up. The EEG will more than likely be repeated at a later date.

Stomach: A swallow study (upper GI test) was done today and the preliminary results show that Ethan has severe reflux. We'll talk with the doctors once they've had a chance to read over the results, and hopefully get more information/details then. It's possible Ethan may need to have another surgery that will basically wrap-up his esophagus with part of his stomach, literally keeping him from being able to throw-up.

Medications: Ethan has come off many of his medications since Wednesday. He's currently on Milrinone for his heart, and a course of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medicines just in case an infection/fungus is to blame for all of this.

I think those are the "big rocks" right now. Things are moving at a very slow pace, so updates are not coming quite as frequently as we're used to, or as quickly as we would like. BUT, everyone does think that Ethan is "trending well" which is doctorese for moving in the right direction. I'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Please continue to pray for our little boy. We thought he had already jumped over his biggest hurdles, but it seems like he still has a few left to go.


Becca Barnhart said...

I am so glad you posted! I've been checking every few hours all weekend, on pins and needles to hear an update. God is hearing our cries, slow but steady is still great if its in an improving direction. Keep your chin up, Ethan needs you. And we are all behind your whole family in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Still praying for Baby Ethan and your family. Stay strong & know that God has a plan. Love, Shannon (friend of Jennifer Enzor)

Amanda said...

Joye- thank you for updating. I know it seems repetitious, but know that you are all in our prayers. Love you

Erin Kala said...

Joye-Thanks for the update girl! I have been checking all day at that conference I had to be at for school just wanting to see how Ethan was doing. I like knowing what to pray for and how your little guy is doing-and you guys too! Love you.

Anonymous said...

I also was checking all weekend and all day today for an update. Fortunately I had Facebook over the weekend and I knew not to let my worst thoughts run away with me. You continue to be in my thoughts. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves Ethan, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, Ethan is weak, but Christ is strong.
Sweet Jesus, we love You with all of our hearts, and we pray... show us Your Glory, the Glory of the ONLY Begotten Son of God.
YOU ALONE ARE ABLE and we bow before you.
We bless You as ALL Powerful, Jehove Rapha.

Love to you all -
Charlotte's Granny

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We're still praying!

Tiffany and Michael Armstrong

Julia said...

Joye and Jeremy,

We attend Visio Dei and heard about Ethan's health issues. We've been following your blog and praying for you and your sweet baby boy. Your courage inspires us, and we hope you can feel all the love and prayers being sent your way!

Julia & Jeff Soplop

Jessica Davis said...

Thanks for the wonderful update explaining everything Joye. I know it's hard and it sucks repeating things over and over, but it's all because of all the LOVE and SUPPORT from LITERALLY HUNDEREDS of people! any time you're down, you just think about Bon Jovi or daddy's story he wants to tell you about his cart at lowes with the potting soil. so if you need a good laugh today, give him a call :) he's ready! and you know you can call me (or any of the few hundred other people) any time and just tell us what you need! :) Ethan wants you guys to be in good spirits and bright shirts! I love you and your beautiful dimples and perfect teeth for a wonderful smile!

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