Monday, April 6, 2009

Ups and Downs

The past two days have been a bit of a roller coaster ride for us and, as many of you know, I HATE roller coasters!

It all started Saturday night after the move into our 3rd room. Ethan started crying uncontrollably and we couldn't really figure out why. I know many of you are probably thinking "that's just what babies do", but this was more like a "I'm in excruciating pain and you need to fix it" kind of cry. It was horrible to see him that upset and not be able to help him! Sometime that evening he began passing some major gas, so we chalked it up to tummy troubles. We all went to bed and he woke up every hour, on the hour, crying that same pained cry.

Then came yesterday. Ethan was fussy in the morning, then the pooping started. He had not had a bowel movement since Thursday evening, so you can just imagine what it was like to change that first diaper! From there, he gave us about 4 dirty diapers in 2 hours. At that point the doctors began scratching their heads and said "You know, maybe this is nothing more than a nasty stomach virus" (i.e. "The Ninja Virus"). They sent his stool off to be tested and put us on "contact isolation", meaning everyone who came into the room had to wear a gown and gloves. Ethan remained inconsolable for hours. He didn't sleep, he didn't want his Soothie. Sometimes he wanted to be held, sometimes he didn't. Sometimes he wanted to be swaddled, sometimes he didn't. Techniques that provided relief one time didn't work the next. Around 9:00 I finally broke down. I felt helpless and was worried for my son.

Enter Nurse Shannon. I'm pretty sure she was a God-send. She came in, picked up Ethan, and rocked him to sleep. All the while she talked to us about how important it is to get rest so that we can be strong for him during times like these. She reminded me that I'm not a failure, that it's not my fault all of this is happening to Ethan. She spent about 20 minutes with us, which is HUGE considering she had 3 other patients to tend to.

Not long after that, Ethan was sleeping soundly in his bed and we were making the move to our 4th, and hopefully final, room. I had noticed earlier in the evening that 5324 was vacant, and BIG. I asked Nurse Shannon what she thought about us moving, and she made it happen within minutes. Ethan slept through the whole thing and only woke up once during the night.

It's amazing what a good night's sleep and a bigger room can do for a person. I think we finally feel like we're in a room that's manageable for the next 3 weeks. Ethan is a much happier baby today, too. I'm pretty sure he exhausted himself yesterday and has been sleeping the day away.

A team from the PCICU came in about 2 hours ago to try again with placing the PICC line. We're still waiting on the results of the x-ray to confirm if they were successful or not. I hope everyone is done poking him for a while!

Hopefully you made it to the end of this super long update! The stool sample came back negative, by the way, so feel free to come visit without worrying about getting attacked by the Ninja.


Jenn said...

Thank you, Lord, for nurses like Shannon! And for big rooms! We will keep praying for Ethan and for you two as well.

Jessica Davis said...

I hate to hear you're stressing out when there's so much going on. :( Of course I don't know anything about mommying (except the 4 hours I spent yesterday listening to every child's problem when they were younger and what the mommy did and how she felt) but it sounds like it's TOTALLY normal to be confused, upset, and feel helpless. I'm so glad he's more calm today though. Please take advantage of nurses and help while you're in the hospital. That's what they're there for! That's why they're so wonderful too. They've had LOTS of practice with all kinds of babies with different personalities! Don't worry, Grandma and Aunt Jessi will be there Wednesday to steal him and let you rest! :) I love you and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

wonder why all rooms couldn't have been built the same - if used for the same purpose...defies logic - much like our school system - needing to take away two (and essentially 4) days of our desperately-needed Spring Break. Even though I'll all be home until Tuesday, I'll be thinking of you - I may even call to come visit if I can stay sniffle-free :-D

Brandi Kelly said...

I'm so glad baby Ethan is getting better and improving every day, it sounds like (except for the screaming), and that you have a big room! I may come see you Friday if you want company...I'll give you a call.

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