Saturday, April 4, 2009

We've Moved Again

Jeramie and I are becoming professional hospital room movers. We were told around 4:30 that we would be moving rooms, AGAIN! I guess there was a baby coming from the PICU who needed a step-down room. That, paired with the fact that Ethan never got the femoral line, got us booted out of room 5307 and into 5319, two doors down from where we started!

The kicker will be if he ends up getting a femoral line after all and we get moved back to step-down.

On a happier note, this room is about the same caliber as our first, so we're much happier with our space!

Feel free to come visit, and if we're not in 5319 don't be alarmed!


Baby Steps said...

Mason said a special prayer tonight for his little friend Ethan. Know that you are all in our prayers! ~Marcia Hefner

The Shawas said...

Joye thank you for pouring out your life on this website, what a testimony. You don't know me, but someone you know pointed me to your website. You see...I am a Mom of a heart child as well. My son is is now 4 1/2. His name is Benjamin. He was born with hypoplastic aorta, an unusually large VSD and subaortic stenosis. He has has open heart surgeries at 8 days old and 2 years old. I remember the countless times I pumped. I felt like Bessie the cow!!!!! Haahaa!!!!! It was all so worth it though. In the midst of it it was hard, but we have been blessed with such an amazing boy. He had been diagnosed with high functioning autism about a year ago. We aren't sure if it was from the days he spent on ECMO or the low immune system he had when he recieved vaccinations. I hope you don't mind unsolicited advice from a total stranger, but I would take caution with vaccinations. A good website resource is They have a vaccination schedule. If you ever want to bounce anything off of me or just want to vent please email: We also have a caringbridge website: Praying over you and your sweet family.

Jessica Davis said...

I'm so happy I got to come and see y'all this Friday and FINALLY hold my nephew! I miss y'all already and I love the three of you more than everything. I'm praying for a speedy, but much needed recovery. I can't wait to see y'all again. Have a wonderful week and I'll see you soon!!!

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