Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is there a doctor in the house....

...who knows how to treat an absent radius?!

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting an update from our orthopedic appointment yesterday, but I'm here to tell you it was a no-go. I got a call Wednesday afternoon from Duke telling me that the doctor we were scheduled to see does not treat Ethan's condition. I'm still a little confused at how an orthopedist doesn't handle all things bone related, but I'll get over it.

Evidently there IS a doctor at Duke who DOES work with people similar to Ethan, but he's leaving. Of course. So now the plan is to find a doctor somewhere in the Raleigh/Durham area who has the expertise we need. It sounds like we may have a lead with another Duke doctor, but I'm waiting for a call back to confirm that.

I know there's nothing that could have been done yesterday, but I find myself getting a little impatient. I want to know everything there is to know about Ethan. I want to know what his future will look like, if he'll have two functional hands, how he'll learn to crawl and pull-up. I want to know what our best treatment options are. This is the one aspect of my son that I know nothing about, and it bugs the mess outta me!

I only want the absolute best for my son. Now we just need a doctor who can point us in that direction.


Jessica Davis said...

OH THAT DAVIS PATIENCE! :) Zach just asked me the other day "how come when I just had the longest/worst day, that's when I hit every stop light when all I want to do is get home and rest in a safe place" and I said "well, that's b/c He wants you to stop and BREATH at every light and have time to think about things before you get to your place of rest..that way it'll be off your mind and not interrupt you!" I dont know what that has to do with anything and I know it's frustrating but it'll work out! Just think how amazing it'll be once you do meet this Dr! He/She will have every answer for you and your brain will swell some more with so much more knowledge! Plus, I've already given you the diagnosis ;) jk.. Ethan's such a 'mazing blessing and i'm so interested to see what they have to say! I think Ethan has educated ALL of us so's crazy to think I didn't even know what a pulmonary artery was or what it did 9?? ;) I love you and it'll work out very soon! BE PATIENT LIKE YOUR DADDY TAUGHT YOU!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had something to say that would ease your mind.

I know you want to know what you guys are up against, and you will.

I hope your leads turns out and you get an appointment soon. Until then, just keep doing what you guys have been doing, being the best parents in the world to that little man!!

I love you guys!
Grandma A.

Dana Enzor said...

I will be praying for you guys. There is a doctor out there, and he will be found.

It was great to see you guys on Sunday!

LOve you three.

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