Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Look who slept in their crib last night!

I laid Ethan down while mama, Jeramie, and myself did some work in the nursery. He stared at the ceiling fan for the longest time, and when I went in to feed him at 9:00 he was sound asleep!

We decided not to wake him by moving him to the bassinet and he stayed put until about 6:00 this morning! Although, I may be using the term "stayed put" a little loosely. At some point during the night he made a quarter turn, and proceeded to turn again after we set him back the "right" way.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for us. I've been wanting to get him in the crib for the past few days, and it just all came together last night!

Here's to hoping tonight goes just as well!


Anonymous said...

Not only is he precious, but he is such a good baby.

The way he likes the ceiling fan, I am seeing a helicopter pilot in your future. :)

I hope he has more sweet dreams in his crib.

Grandma A.

Terry said...

He's so cute I just can't stand it ... I could eat him up :-)

Auntie Terry the Great

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Ethan is home and doing good. I pray that he will improve each day.
I am Charlotte's and Sam's great grandma (Gi Gi).
I have been reading about other heart babies on Jenn's blog and check them about once a week.
Frances (SC)

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