Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hey y'all ... I just spent some time updating our Flickr site. Go there to see more pictures of this handsome little thing:

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Anonymous said...

Joye, I have to tell you, yesterday when Ethan woke up from his nap and you guys let me go up to his crib to greet him, when he saw me, his expression was like, well hello, you are not who I expected to see, but hello anyway.

Then when you came up to his crib and he saw you, the smiles that came from that baby's face was the smiles of pure love.

When he saw you, his expression said so many things to me. It was like he was saying, I am so glad to see you mommy, I am comfortable knowing you are here mommy and I am very glad that you are here mommy. I love you so much mommy.

We all know how much Ethan is loved and yesteday I saw how much love Ethan has to return.

I enjoyed our time with all 3 of you yesterday. It was very special to me, especially that moment at his crib.

Love always and forever, Grandma A.

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