Friday, September 11, 2009

Surgery Update

Well, we took Ethan to Duke today for his pre-op appointment in preparation for Monday's surgery. He did fantastic, even through all the poking, prodding, and lack of sleep!

Side note: he's a whopping 18 pounds, which puts him in the 50th percentile for weight ... gotta love that Nissen!

Anyway, we spent some time talking with Dr. J about his plans for the surgery. Long story short, he plans to replace the homograft (the "pipe") going from Ethan's right ventricle into his pulmonary artery. There is also talk about potentially modifying his pacemaker and/or replacing it all together. Not because of any problems with it, but to make it a little more effective in replicating the natural rhythm of the heart.

We're encouraged. Everyone who saw him (and we saw a lot of people), whether they were just visiting or doing the poking and prodding, commented on how great he looked. They couldn't get over how much he had grown, and Dr. J was pleased with that, as well. To think about him performing this surgery on Ethan when he was only 6 pounds and 3 days old is simply amazing. To imagine Dr. J repeating the same surgery, basically, 4 months and 12 pounds later, is encouraging (and still amazing...)

Ethan's on the schedule for 11:30 Monday morning. We're to be there at 9:30, and he'll be taken back around 10:00 or 10:30 to get prepped for surgery. Please continue to pray for us, Dr. J, and the nurses. Pray that Ethan would stay well over the weekend; that this little bit of congestion won't progress into anything more.

I did well, emotionally, today. The anxiety has lifted a little, but I'm still feeling restless. We have a fun-filled couple of days coming up, full of family time and loving on our little boy, which will definitely be good for the soul.

We love y'all, and we're already feeling the effects of just how much y'all love us. Thanks for that.


Tania said...

Dear Joye,
My mother just confirmed there would be a mass on Ethan's behalf this Sunday (8:00 am) in a small church in Mexico City. I will be getting up early to pray for E-man at the same time my Mexican family prays for your little boy.
I will check with Mandy and see if there is anything I can do for you guys in the upcoming days.
I will be at work Monday praying for Ethan, the doctors, your family, and waiting for an update, of course.

Dios los bendiga,
Tania K.

Kim Smith said...

Thanks for the update, Joye! I'm so happy to hear that Ethan is growing so well! I haven't weighed Presley in awhile, but I imagine that she's around 18 pounds too... and she is also getting her third tooth. Ethan is right on track! :) Love you guys & praying for you.

Anonymous said...

There will be a group of people praying in Harnett County as well. I have a group of co-workers which I keep updated on Ethan's progress so Monday morning we will have our prayer meeting before we start work.

John Enzor's Mom
Teresa Enzor

Anonymous said...

Hello to joye, jerimy, and baby Ethan. There are a lot of churches with Ethan on their prayer list. I have thought about you all so much today, and many other days. Ethan is in Gods hands, and he will take care of him. He has been through so much at his young age. I Love You All. Aunt Pat

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