Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1/2 a Year Old!!

Happy 6-month birthday, Ethan!

I love you so very much.

DISCLAIMER: This video documents Ethan's journey from birth, until now. There are a couple of graphic images that are not suitable for little eyes.

Our Little Miracle from Joye Mullis on Vimeo.


Shannon Smith said...

Great job on the video Jeramie.

Happy .5 to you, Ethan.

Jessica said...

What an awesome video! We are praying for sweet Ethan and for the both of you that the Lord will give you everything you need and an unmistakeable rush of peace that can only come from Him.
- Love, Jessica (the non-aunt) Davis :)

Mandy said...

enjoyed the video a lot! thanks jeramie! happy 6 months Ethan

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 month birthday little man.

I love you.

Grandma A.

Excellent job on the video, it is very, very touching.

Dana Enzor said...

Happy 6 months Ethan!

That video, is awesome....tears.

Love you guys!!

Kim Smith said...

Awesome video... can you say, "tears?" Great job, Jeramie.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing our lives with Ethan for the past six months. What an adventure it has been!

Love you guys!

kmlewis said...

What an awesome video...very teary eyed now! Happy 6 mo Birthday Ethan! I have been praying continuously for you throughout this journey and continue to do so. He's such a handsome little boy!

Amanda said...

Tears are a flowin! What an awesome 6 months it's been. Great video too, you capture everything perfectly. I can't wait to see his video when he's 16! Love you guys!

Tania said...

Crying for your awesome miracle! Praying for all of you and hoping to see E-man soon. I wish I could give you a pice of my heart!
Jeramie- just quit your job and create videos like this for the rest of us. I have been having serious talks with God. I am sure he is listening to all of us who love your son.

Tania Knapp

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.... Lois

Kendra B. said...

I shed tears of joy! That was beautiful!

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