Thursday, June 10, 2010

Through the eyes of a child...

Last night, I had the awesome opportunity to go roller skating with a handful of my students and co-workers from school. We had an absolute blast, but my muscles are screaming at me today! I spent most of the night helping to pull kids off those blasted hardwood floors and protecting myself from joining them!

My good friend Meg (who also happens to be our school audiologist) joined us with her family, as well. Meg has the most beautiful little girls, and they are oh-so-smart! The Guenther Gang is one lovely family, indeed.

After I got home from skating, I checked my e-mail/Facebook messages/etc. and came across the most hilarious, but precious, message from Meg. Turns out she and Anna (her oldest, who is three) had quite the conversation on the way home. Below is Meg's re-enactment of said conversation:

*Background info: Jeramie and Ethan were also at the skating rink, and Ethan's brace was off of his arm due to a nice little fungal infection he has acquired over the past few days.
Anna: Mom, why are Efan's hands not the same?
Meg: Because everyone is different honey. Like you have curly hair and I have straight hair. Ethan has two hands that are different.
Anna: Like your boobs are REALLY big and mine are small?
Me: Well, yes. And they are not THAT big.
Anna: Yeah.
(She is now quiet in the back seat for a minute or two...and then this):
Anna: Mom, can we buy Efan a present?
Me: Sure, honey. That would be very nice. What would you like to get him?

I think
Efan would like a white Michael Jackson diamond sparkle glove. That way his hand will always make him happy.
How adorable is that?! After I spent a solid minute laughing at it all, I couldn't help but cry. To know that kind of innocence, to feel free to ask questions without feeling like you're judging or being judged, that is the essence of a child's heart. I am thankful for parents like Meg and John who are raising their children to be accepting of differences in others, and who encourage conversations about it. I pray that Ethan will come to know many more "Anna"s and "Mrs. Meg"s in his lifetime.

As if Anna's conversation with Meg wasn't enough, she also informed her mom that she doesn't think Lily (her little sister) should marry Ethan after all. (Which is unfortunate, considering Ethan and Lily spent their time at the skating rink doing what all the other young love birds do.)

When Meg asked Anna why she thought that, Anna responded with,
"Because I'm going to marry him!"
I adore the heart of a child.


Kendra B. said...

Oh, Joye! You made my Friday morning. I LOVE kids!! How sweet!?!

Stefenie said...

How very precious!!! LOVE it!

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