Friday, November 5, 2010

Post-Op, Day 3

Ethan's recovery continues to amaze me! I cringe every time he climbs up on the couch, or lands just so coming off of his slide, but he isn't bothered in the least. The surgeon didn't limit his activity in any way, so we're just trusting that if it hurts, he won't do it.

We took him to Duke this afternoon for his post-op visit and Dr. W confirmed what we've been thinking over the past few days; everything looks great! The swelling is minimal, we haven't seen any blood, and Ethan is wetting diapers just fine. That was about the extent of our visit. They had us in and out of there before our scheduled appointment time even came around. We'll go back next Friday to have the catheter removed, and then we'll be DONE!

Ethan also had to get his first Synagis shot of the season today. I am so thankful he qualified again this year; we'll take all the help we can get in order to protect his heart and lungs from that nasty beast called RSV! In order to get the correct dosing for the shot, they had to weigh him and I think I held my breath waiting for the results. But, let me just say that we (the pediatrician, included) were thrilled with his growth!! According to their scale, he's up to 24 pounds, 10.5 ounces which places him in the 25th percentile for his age! That's a heck of a lot better than the "near 10th" we were at a few weeks ago. Duke got an even higher weight, with him coming in a couple ounces shy of 25 pounds. Y'all better believe I'll be happy-dancing up one side of the office and down the other when my little beefcake reaches that 25 pound mark!

Thanks for checking in! As you can see, it has been a fantastic day ... a fantastic week, really ... and I couldn't be more proud, or happy, if I tried.


Jamie Fenley said...

I'm so glad for all of the good news. And it's amazing how he is just playing like he never had surgery. Children are so much more resilient than adults. Any one of us would be laid up on the couch!

Jen said...

Just read all the updates- Wow! How great that everything went so smoothly! I'm sure it was a huge relief! You've been in our thoughts and prayers!

Jen, Craig & Andrew

Anonymous said...

Awesome! About the weight...I learned to allow D to become her own "normal" and ignore that skinkin' chart! She is still at 31 pounds...but is gaining slowly. With kids like ours, we determine where they need to be...not some panel of know it all's who like to make charts and graphs. Enjoy this time girlie! It goes so fast! It is easy to get sucked into the statistics and ignore the little simple things that make life wonderful.

CJ :)

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