Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post-Op, Day 1

Well, friends, we are HOME! We were officially discharged around 8:30 this morning, but had to wait for some prescriptions to be filled before we could actually leave the hospital. There was no containing Ethan in our hospital room any longer, so we walked about fifty-eleven miles around the 5th floor just to keep him entertained. People were surprised to see him up and walking running around and, honestly, so was I.

I don't know where my expectations for this surgery came from, but the reality of our situation far exceeded all that I had imagined. I'm pretty sure there's a sermon in there somewhere about how we as humans feel as though it's all up to us, regardless of how much we say we rely on God. Did I know that we have tons of family and friends praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery? Yes. Do I know that I worship a God who has proven Himself to be faithful to me over and over and over? Yes. Did I still believe that this would be the worst experience ever? Yes.

What is up with that?!

I can totally hear what I believe God would be saying if He were standing in front of me right now. It's the same thing Jeramie says when I slam on my invisible passenger side break as I brace myself for impact; "Joye ... I've got this."

I can look back over the past 30ish hours and see God's hand, so perfectly at work.

"OK, Joye, so you're concerned about passing the time in the waiting room? How about I give you a friend to visit with? Oh, what's that? You're worried about how Ethan will react to waking up from anesthesia? Fine; he'll be calm and relaxed in your arms. You think he won't tolerate the pain because he's walking now? Just wait and see ... I've got this."

Yes, Lord. I'm listening. I heard You loud and clear as the surgeon came out (one and a half hours EARLY) to tell us everything went perfectly, there was minimal blood loss, and he was able to achieve best case results without a known need for a 3rd surgery. I heard you at dinnertime as Ethan chowed down on chicken nuggets and french fries, and blew kisses to his nurse. I heard you this morning when the first words out of our day nurse's mouth were "Hi! It's good to see y'all again, but you're going home now!"

The whole experience has just been surreal. Even here at home, Ethan devoured his lunch, played on his slide for a bit, and is now in his crib taking his typical afternoon nap. The only differences between today and Monday is that we woke up in a hospital, diaper changes are a bit more tedious, and we have just a few more medications to give.

Today I am thankful for the people who have helped us carry this burden, through prayer, encouragement, and physical acts of kindness (which is essentially all of YOU!). I am thankful that God remains faithful to me and my family, and I am filled with gratitude for His amazing grace that covers every inch of my doubt and disbelief.

Through many dangers, toils, and snares,
We have already come;

'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

-Amazing Grace, the hymn



Jeramie Mullis said...

A. men.

Very well-written, babe.

It's so true that we still expect the worst when we have no real reason to.

You are an incredible mother and wife and I'm blessed to have you.

I love you.

Amanda B said...

So thankful for all of the goodness and mercy that has been poured out onto your family the last 48 hours. We do serve a God of miracles and it's so refreshing to read your post about his hand in your life. Love you guys!!

Dana Enzor said...

So very very glad to hear all of this - and I kinda had the comic book wow expression when I saw your med schedule. Whew that thing is exhausting!

Very happy to see him up and running and didn't even miss a beat. God definitely uses Ethan to show us power, strength, love, and just how miraculous he is.

Love you guys!!

Katie said...

As I'm crying... Praise God! I am so glad things went as well as they did. God is a heck of lot more than we give Him credit for.

Stefenie said...

Very well written Joye. It is hard, very very very hard, to stop and listen to God telling us "He's got this". Especially at a time when we are scared.

I'm so glad that things went well and that Ethan did amazingly well!


Carolina Carters said...

That was absolutely beautiful! What a great reminder...I needed that too. It's so difficult sometimes to give up control (or what we think is control) and just let God handle it. Thank you for the reminder, and thanks for letting me know I'm not a lone! :)

I'm so, so glad Ethan surpassed all expectations!

Jenn said...

This is precious. I am sure I will need you to send me this post in a few months when we are back at Duke. You would think by now I would know better. But I have already thought every thing you said... the waiting room, the recovery, the fact that C is a walking, talking little girl. I know God will carry us through, and he will have some help from my sweet friends like you. I am so happy that y'all are home and that Ethan is such a champ. (Isn't it crazy to see him in that hospital gown? Remember when they were so teeny? I never thought C would fit into the Duke-issued hospital wear.)Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Amen. :)

Grandma (E)

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