Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

I've sat down to type out a "Christmas Recap", so to speak, a bazillion times now. Although the primary purpose of this blog is to be Ethan's baby book, I still struggle to find the words to tell how our Christmas went without sounding like a museum curator. "Now, here we have a lovely species opening up present number 867."

However, in an effort to not forget important details, I decided to just highlight a few things and let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

-Jeramie, Ethan, and I celebrated with just the three of us on Christmas Eve Eve. We woke up at my parents' house on Christmas morning, and spent Christmas night with Jeramie's family.

Excited about his puzzle from Mama & Daddy

"Hey! What happened to the cookies?"

Looking dapper at Grandma & PawPaw's house.

-I found some seriously cute Christmas PJs for Ethan this year!

That spin top to Ethan's right was mine when I was a baby! I got it for my first Christmas (December 1982).

-Two major family traditions continued: an oyster roast with my family and a poker tournament with Jeramie's. It looks like the poker trophy will be coming back to our house this year ... way to go, babe!

Me and Mama prepping the shrimp and oysters.

The boys chowing down.

Jeramie won the trophy back from his brother, Nick.

-We learned that Ethan is a huge fan of ham.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

-It was a white Christmas!

Mebane, NC ended up with about 6 inches by Sunday afternoon. Raleigh had even more than that!

-Jeramie and I made it a point to spend very little money on Christmas presents this year and we succeeded in giving special, homemade gifts.

Daddy with pictures of his baby girls.

A garden stone for Grandma.

A sign for Rick's new building. (Jeramie hand-painted that!)

-This was the first Christmas not spent with my sister but, thankfully, the last!

-Ethan definitely received more than his fair share of presents! Jeramie and I are currently in the process of donating some things and rearranging our house to make room for the rest.

His first train set.

Playing with all of his loot, thanks to some help from Poppy.

Ride 'em, cowboy!

Ready to ride, personalized plate and all.

We are so blessed to have all of our family close by, and to feel such love from them! I'd say that 2010 is ending quite pleasantly.

Here's to wishes for a healthy, happy New Year!


Stefenie said...

I loved your Christmas update. It sounds like our families could for sure hang together!!

Was that a decorative headband I spotted you wearing in one photo? Ha!! I wore a black one on Christmas Eve at my parent's house. Too cute!! Funny how out of everything in your update I managed to spot that. Must be a girl thing!

Glad you guys had an amazing time!! I spent yesterday cleaning out the boys' rooms to make room for the new toys too.

Have a great New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I love all things about this Christmas post. The video of Jesse cracked me up!

All photo's of Ethan are as usual, precious!

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful son, awesome daughter in law and remarkable grandson!

Love Always, Grandma

Amanda said...

So fun! BTW, your hair cut is super cute! I love the new bangs! And did I see an accessory in your hair? Love it!

Derek said...

What a beautiful Christmas, your little guy is so cute! I know that your family will be excited to have your sister back on the east coast! Happy New Year

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