Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here and there

No worries; we're still here!

Ethan is going on five weeks of continued sickness and I feel like we've lived in our pediatrician's office since last week. The good news is that we took him back in last night and he already seems to be much better today. Yesterday's diagnosis was croup, which came with a lovely round of steroids.

Christmas Eve breathing treatment

So, in case you've lost count, we've gone from a common cold (no treatment), to Reactive Airway Disease (albuterol), to a sinus infection (antibiotic), to croup (steroid). Ethan is all jacked up on medications, which makes for some pretty entertaining moments, but man ... Mama's tired.


I know many of you follow Jonah's story but, just in case you don't, his Mama posted today about a great fundraiser for EB. Scroll down her post (after you've read the first part, of course) and check out the Thirty One bags! I, personally, plan to buy one of the thermal totes. It's super simple to place your order and you can feel good knowing part of the proceeds will go straight towards dEBra.


Speaking of fundraisers, fellow heart mama, Shannon, has started an organization called Hope for BraveHEARTS. She is partnering with Ethin's Heart Still Beats to create a cookbook entitled "Recipes from the Heart" and they need your recipes!

I know many of you out there love to cook and can make some pretty fabulous dishes; you do not have to be a "heart family" to submit your favorites (do it in honor of Ethan, or to honor another family fighting CHD)! You can read more details about submitting recipes here.


I'll be back later with a Christmas re-cap, but it was definitely one to remember. We stayed in Mebane with my in-laws Christmas night and were fortunate enough to get a white Christmas! There was nothing like looking out the window, through the glow of the Christmas tree lights, after presents had been opened, and watching the snow fall. The mental snapshot I took of that moment could have found its way into a Norman Rockwell painting, no doubt.

Quaint and snowy - The day after the snowfall


And, because I don't want to hoard the cuteness of Ethan's southern drawl, I leave you with this...

Bye for now!


daniel, alinna, and ruby. said...

that video is so sweet.. what a smarty!

Anonymous said...

My favorite word to hear this little man say is raaeeed.

I love this video.

Love Grandma A.

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