Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Poor Ethan is so confused. And, I'm not talking about the I'm-two-and-I'm-trying-to-figure-out-the-world confusion, either.

As a family, we have celebrated eight birthdays in two months, and we've got a double birthday party this month! "Cupcake" is his new favorite word, and he squeals "Happy Birthday!" when he spots a balloon in a grocery store. Celebrating the day of birth is his new normal; he has come to expect it.

In fact, there was an entire week in March when he would wake up and say, "Happy birthday, {insert name of the most recent birthday boy/girl here} !", then come downstairs and ask for cupcakes. It's all pretty dang cute from my viewpoint, but I'm sure he's just a little disappointed when he has to settle for french toast.

I've thoroughly enjoyed all of these birthday celebrations, too! Young or old, it's always fun to watch the excitement in someone who knows that day is just for them. I entered into the last year of my twenties a couple of weeks ago, and my boys did such a great job making me feel loved! See?

Who wouldn't love waking up to a super cute video like that, then being surprised by your husband who was standing outside with flowers? Not to mention it all happening after a night of great food and being serenaded on the lawn of the State Capitol building...

I'm a lucky gal, I tell ya.

Oh! Let's not forget about the framed picture of Bon Jovi, taken by the band's photographer on the night they rocked out the RBC Center. {sigh}

Thanks to everyone else who made my day so special. I am blessed, indeed, and I have a feeling twenty-nine is going to be a very good year.


Anonymous said...

29 will be a great year. Enjoy!! Jeramie did a good job on the video. :)

Love you guys, mom/grandma/amy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope to make some unbirthday cupcakes with you and the lil' man if you make it to the mountains! Love the shirt. doubt!
CJP :)

Stefenie said...

Happy Birthday!! I am preparing to turn 3-1 next month. GASP!!! No longer just there is going to be an official number after the 3!! :( LOL!!! Love the pics of Ethan. Such a cutie!!

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