Friday, April 29, 2011

here comes the sun

Today was a gorgeous day in Raleigh! It was a nice change from the scary weather we've been having lately, and it was welcomed with swimming trunks and beach towels. Ethan and I met our friends, Jen and Jay, at a local indoor pool, and the boys spent a couple of hours jumping, floating, dunking, and splashing!

Aside from the fact that Ethan turned into a blueberry just minutes after being in the water, and proceeded to shiver two-thirds of the time we were there, I'd say he had a great time! He even went underwater at one point, and I couldn't decide if I wanted to applaud him or call down the lifeguard.

I applauded.

In fact, I've been applauding him a lot lately. This kid is making me so proud, in so many ways. He started speech therapy just this week and, already, he is self-correcting when he realizes he sounds a bit "off".

(Before you think I'm some paranoid Mama who already has her child in speech, let me assure you I'm not. Ethan has formed a bad habit that involves him pushing air out through his nose versus his mouth. It creates a super nasal-y sound and makes his speech difficult to understand to people who don't know the quirks behind it.)

Just tonight, we were driving home and saw an orange ambulance. He said, "oran{nasal sound} truck!" (Because, really .. who would think to call an orange ambulance an ambulance?!) Then, before I could say anything he says, "Nose. Air sound. Oran-ch." This is the technique his speech therapist has taught him. She points out that the sound he made came through his nose, and we want to hear it come out of his mouth; an air sound. Then she shows him the correct way to make the sound. Homeboy went through those three steps, on his own, and was able to make the correct sound without me saying a word!

I'd bet the driver of the car beside me thought about calling over that orange ambulance.

So, now that the lion has roared its way through the south, I'm looking forward to the quietness of the lamb. To more trips to the pool, to spending time at the lake, to cheering on my son until I'm blue in the face, all in the company of family and friends.

I think Ethan's ready, too.


Carolina Carters said...

That's AWESOME that he's self-correcting like that! Wow! Go Ethan!!

We need to get our blueberry water-lovers together sometime late this summer. I still have that email that I haven't responded to. (I'm terrible sometimes, I know!) Enjoy the lamb. :)

Jenny Lincoln said...

LOL! That video was too funny. I love when he runs over to jump in the puddle. I hope you guys have a great summer! :)

Jen said...

The video was so funny! Andrew heard it in the background and came over to watch. When it was over he said "Again!" and he was cracking up. He said "I have to squirt my daddy with the hose too!" Haha. Looks like you guys were having so much fun! I'm glad the weather has calmed down for you!

Anonymous said...

I laughed almost as hard watching this video as I did while they were playing.

Thanks so much for putting this out here so we can watch it over and over again.

love that little man!

Love Grandma A.

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