Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14th - Then and Now

My mind has been filled with dates these days, and today is no exception.  (Birthday shout-out to my college roomie, Chelle - welcome to the "almost 30" club!)  But what tugs at my deepest heartstrings today is the fact that Ethan is now two years out from his most recent open-heart surgery. 

It blows my mind that he's gone from this...

Post-Op: September 14, 2009 this...

September 10, 2011 - his tallest block tower to date! a matter of two years.

I don't really know how to explain my feelings, but when you're talking about the heart (and a sick heart, at that) there is so much that can happen in two years.  I think I'm just in awe that Ethan has made it this far, with only needing one intervention.

Thank you, Versed.  Your presence was much appreciated.

Somewhere in the dark, ugly, pessimistic places of my mind I think I gave the surgeon a great, big (silent) "yeah right" when he told us how long Ethan's conduit should last.  It is such a temperamental thing, and can go from well-behaved to acting-up in a matter of months.  I am thankful that we have been on the (mostly) well-behaved side of that, and that the stent seems to be keeping things nice and open in there.

Now, we wait.

The surgeon's estimate was four-to-eight years, so we are halfway to the low-end of that estimation.  You just may find me dancing in the streets if we seriously make it to that four year mark! Based on what we were told back in May, it's likely - praise God!

On Sunday, I heard a story of a young man with a heart defect similar to Ethan's.  He, too, had problems with his pulmonary artery and had his last open heart surgery when he was three and a half.  Today, he's 21 and is just now approaching "go time" for his next one.  Seventeen years! Heart Mamas - can you imagine?! How wonderful would it be to give our children a seventeen year break from all of this mess?? I pray that for all of us, and especially for him...

Dream big, kiddo.

To El Roi - the God who sees - praise and thanks for watching over his broken heart, which has absolutely captivated mine.

Here's to the next two years, sweet boy.  I will forever be on your side.


Tara said...

Truly amazing!! Prayers for an open, well flowing conduit for as long as it can be! Happy surgiversary =)

mossfamily said...

It would be totally amazing & only God could get the credit for such a long lasting conduit! And to further encourage you: Randy was told at the age of 12 that his valve would only last 10 years (15 max) and he is now 36! That is a whopping 24 years and no surgery in our near future (that we know of!). How's that for a "yeah, right"!? God can do such amazing things!

Hope's Blog said...

So happy for a long-lasting conduit. I know it is scary to think that eventually our little ones are going to need another intervention. This is the time of year for introspection for me because it is Hope's birthday and the season for all her surgeries.

Many prayers for many more years without an intervention and for a conduit that stays wide open and well flowing.

Kelly said...

Two years! Wow! I hope his conduit lasts even longer than they are expecting and you pass even the high-end of that estimation.

Thanks for sharing the story about the 21 year old and his seventeen year old conduit. That is incredible and gives me so much hope for our little guys as they get older.

Great pictures too!

Kelly (Jack's mom)

Becca said...

This is just wonderful to read :-) such an encouragement - and I'm so glad your sweet little man is doing so well - I'm praying you make it 17 years! :-)

Jenn said...

I love it. I can't believe it's been two years. Ethan is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

I too am forever on his side! I am so very thankful that the stent did so much for him. When they said 4 to 8 years, my thought was, wow.... that is a big time span... where will he fall into that?

I am always hoping for the best for that little man.

I love the pictures on the football field, they speak louder than words... Ethan has a lot of good coming his way.

I love you guys, Grandma A.

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