Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Potty Talk

Well - after talking about it, and putting it off, and talking about it some more - we finally started the potty training process today.  I'm not gonna lie - I woke up this morning dreading the idea.  I even thought about stalling yet again, but I knew it was time.  I know it's time.

After getting over the small hump of Ethan telling me to, "leave those underwear over there", we started our day without diapers.  A couple hours into the morning, I found myself wondering if Ethan would ever pee again.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

I've changed diapers for almost 3 years now and suddenly, two hours into a pair of dry underwear, I'm convinced that Ethan will hold his urine forever.  I asked a couple of friends about it, to the tune of "shouldn't he be peeing by now?!" and even turned to trusty ol' Google.  Thanks to the auto fill-in feature, I know I'm not alone.  Just a few words into my search - "how often should a preschooler..." - Google anticipates my need and fills in "pee"

Just in time for accident #1.

(If you're wondering, the answer to my question is about every 2.5 hours, evidently.)

Accidents two and three followed shortly after, and I began thinking about the $65 we just wasted on preschool registration because clearly my child will still be in diapers come September.

With no successes during our morning, I was super thankful for nap-time and absorbent diapers.  Ethan didn't sleep, but he did spend some time playing in his room while I took a breather.  He emerged from his room a couple hours later with a full diaper, declaring he was "all done sleeping", and gladly stepped into a pair of clean undies.

After the 2nd or 3rd trip to the potty (with no luck) I decided to leave him bare-bottomed for the remainder of the afternoon and evening.  Maybe it's a coincidence, or maybe there's something to it, but Ethan had not one - but, TWO - successful trips to the bathroom, with zero accidents, before getting ready for bed tonight!

He's a monster.  Didn't you know?

I told Jeramie earlier tonight that I needed those successes.  Ethan did, too, and the pride he had for himself was spread wide across his face.  But, I really needed it.  My mind can go all kinds of crazy sometimes, and I was craving the reassurance that this is one more thing that Ethan is capable of doing.

I'm actually kind of excited to see what tomorrow will bring.


Jenny said...

Way to go Ethan! I've been dragging my feet too with potty training. We've made a few unsuccessful attempts and I get frustrated and give up. (Super mom, right? ;) ) Hope today goes well!

Stefenie said...

Going without underwear or a pullup is what worked for Logan too. He knew he had no other option other than going in the potty. For some kiddos this option doesn't always work but when it coems to potty training kids you have to figure out what works for your child. They are all different. Glad it is getting on a roll finally for you. Just be patient. He may have an occasional accident until he gets it figured out.

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