Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Quick Update

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes for my sweet boy! Ethan still had a fever by the time he went to bed Monday night and it stayed in the low-grade range all day on Tuesday.  I gave him a dose of Motrin Tuesday evening, and we haven't seen any signs of it spiking since then.

Thank you, Jesus!

Yesterday (Wednesday) he was still acting pretty puny - whiny, clingy, congested, no appetite - but he seems to be back in action today!

Winter is almost over, right?

Thanks again for keeping our boy close to your hearts! I'll leave you with a few photos that have made me happy over the past few days...


Carolina Carters said...

I'm glad things seem to be going better. I had to go back and read the post because apparently I missed the drama. :) Scary!! Thank goodness it doesn't seem to be heart related and I'm praying that you're drama free for a while!


Oh, and I LOVE the 13 year old girl reference! Ha!!

Stefenie said...

Glad to hear that Ethan is doing better. Love the pics Joye!!

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