Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On being 30

So, I turned thirty last week. But, before y'all start mourning the loss of my twenties, let me just say - I kind of like it.

To me, thirty sounds dignified.  I imagine it to be a badge of honor for actually making it to this point.  Not that there was a question as to whether I would physically make it, but I've often wondered what my mindset would be like when I arrived at this new place in life.

The past three years alone were enough to send me over the proverbial edge.  From Ethan's rough start, to the loss of a well-loved friend, and lots of other stuff in between, I can't say that I loved the last part of my twenties.

But, thirty? Bring it on.

For the first time in a while I can actually remember how old I am.  I've not had the opportunity to answer the "how old are you" question since last Thursday, but I'm ready for when the time comes.  No more mental math to figure out the answer, my friends - just a matter-of-a-fact answer; I'm thirty.

It also helps that Jeramie has done an amazing job at making this such a special time for me.  My actual birthday was so great (breakfast in bed and dinner at Outback, anyone?) and he has organized a group of my closest friends for a night out on Saturday.  Add that to the fact that he'll be hanging with Ethan in a few weeks while me and my best girl friends take a trip to NYC, and you can see I'm feeling pretty excited about it all!

Even when the celebrations stop and thirty doesn't feel quite so fabulous, I hope I remember that it's just a number.  Why should I dread a particular phase in life just because of its numerical value? This could be my best year yet! Of course, only God knows what's headed my way, so I move forward - embracing this new decade and asking Him to guide my path.

Here's to three-oh!


Kendra B. W. said...

Happy 30th Joy! May God continue to guide your path! Be blessed my friend!!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday!

Stefenie said...

Happy 30th b-day my friend!! Just wait until you turn 32 like me......YIKES!!! In two months that's how old I will actually be.

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