Monday, June 25, 2012

An Update

An update to the update: Ethan broke out in a rash this afternoon.  In just one hour, it had spread from his bottom and the soles of his feet to his entire body.  We now have an official diagnosis: Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease, and the throat ulcers to prove it.  Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated!


Thank y'all so much for the prayers for Ethan and encouraging words for me last night - y'all brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

I'm happy to say that Ethan is fever-free this morning! He hasn't had any medicine since 8:30 last night and is 100% back to his spunky, mischievous self today.

I've got to admit, though.  It felt like salt in the wound when he crawled into our bed this morning and we realized this was just some 24-hour bug.  As in, my Mama has taken care of sick babies before and probably could have handled this one and we could be waking up in the Hilton, kind of sting.

Dang you, hindsight.

But, he is happy and healthy and that's exactly what I needed.  And ... the upside to unpacking when you didn't actually go anywhere? No dirty laundry! Can I get an amen?


A couple of sickness funnies for you...

1.  Yesterday afternoon, Ethan finally passed out around 4:30 after being up since 4:45 that morning.  He slept for a solid two hours, talking in his sleep and moving around quite a bit.  He woke himself up by yelling "aaaaaaaahhhhh", then giggling.  He sat straight up, looked at Jeramie (completely confused), glanced around the room and said, "What was that noise, Dad??"

2.  A 4:45 a.m. wake-up call + the Motrin high = feeling just good enough to be delirious.  For the record, we have no idea what he's saying, either.

Happy Monday!


Kelly said...

So glad to read he's feeling better! Fingers crossed for good health for the rest of the summer!

mossfamily said...

video= hilarious!! "SPLAT!!! That funny!"

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