Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rash, be gone!

 (Check out the update to the update on the previous post if you haven't already!)

I have another deep thought for y'all this morning ... ready?

Prayer works.

No sooner than I posted on our Facebook page that Ethan's body was covered in a red rash, and we all began (or continued) to pray, it started to disappear.  I'm not even joking.  I called Jeramie over just to make sure he was seeing what I saw, and we both agreed that it was getting better.

And y'all know what I did?

Instead of thanking Jesus for that gift of healing, I went to Google to re-diagnose my son.  Because, [insert sarcasm here] there's no explanation for a 10-day rash disappearing in just two hours aside from a misdiagnosis.  Right?

Seriously?! Why do I do that to Him over and over, even when He's proven himself to be faithful to me and my family time and time again? Why can't I just accept that we asked Him to take away Ethan's fever and rash and He did? Simple as that.

Maybe one of those lessons He's teaching me over the past few days is that this really isn't all that complicated.

Lord - thank you for hearing our prayers and restoring Ethan's health so quickly.  Thank you for faithfully caring for my family.  Forgive my doubting heart.  We love you. 

Last night- Falling asleep looking out the window

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Amanda Baumann said...

Amen! God is so faithful! So glad your little guy is feeling better. Thanks for the reminder and your realness. Love you!

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