Monday, December 31, 2012

Thankful for Twenty-Twelve

When January 1, 2012 rolled around, I did not make it my New Year's resolution to be more grateful - the desire to do so slipped in quietly and unobserved. It all started when I began reading this book with a group of girls and, although it currently lays unfinished on my bookshelf, its over-arching theme of thankfulness has left a lasting impression on my heart.

The last few months of this year have been full of such peace and straight-up goodness, that I felt it was only fitting to close out another year of blogging with a collage.

97.  dancing in the rain
98. meeting Johnny
99.  Jesus rays
100.  adapting
101.  pushing for pulse ox
102.  handprints
103.  Team Ethan
104.  the magic of Disney
105.  Saturday morning fun
106.  life flight
107.  Uncle Moo Moo
108.  my daddy
109.  marriage
110.  sweet glimpses
111.  Christmas
112.  bonded by hearts

You can see the first six collages (photos 1-96) by clicking here.

Thank y'all for joining us on this journey.  I pray that you and yours will find an abundance of health and happiness in twenty-thirteen.


Becca said...

I love this my friend :-) happy new year!

Carolina Carters said...

I'm so totally behind...can you tell I'm trying to catch up with all of your posts? :) I love this. I am so thankful for you!

Did y'all do the Color Run?!

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