Thursday, January 3, 2013

Family fun!

This past weekend, we had some wonderful friends make a trip to North Carolina and spend a couple of days with us! Many of you will recognize these sweet faces... none other than the adorable Carter children!

This was the third time we've gotten together with the Carters, and I love each time a little more than the last.  We had nowhere to be and no plans to do anything other than just hang out! We stayed up late, slept late, ate much, and laughed even more.

It was awesome.

From the moment they first saw each other, Derrick and Ethan continued in their brother-like love, but it took Ethan and Jenny Kate a day or so to realize they actually do like each other.  Once they worked that out, though, they were a force to be reckoned with!

Shannon and I walked the aisles of Trader Joes, talking about organic popcorn and protein bars, then followed it up with a trip to Krispy Kreme for fourteen twelve delicious circles of glazed goodness.  And Justin and Jeramie? I'd be afraid to see what the two of them could come up with if we left them alone long enough! The seven of us together just makes me smile.

While I wish our boys' broken hearts hadn't been the catalyst for our friendship, I am thankful to be walking this journey with them by our sides.  This friendship is just one of many examples of how so much good can come from so much bad.

We love you, Carter family! Thanks for coming and we'll see y'all again soon!


Sherry Reese said...

Oh so sweet...and I recognize some of the fun things and places you visited too! I have been meaning to take Evan to the Natural Science Museum forever...he is the biggest dinosaur fan I've ever seen! I love the picture of the kids gazing at the fossil skeletons. :-)

Carolina Carters said...

I love this!! :) We had such a good time with y'all. We sure do love the Tri Mulli!!

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