Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Day in Chapel Hill

This morning, we went on a family adventure to Chapel Hill - a beautiful college town just half an hour to our west.  While it's a familiar route down I-40, it felt as if we were tourists in another state ... I love that! It was such a fun outing and it left Ethan just tired enough to take an afternoon nap - hence, blogging in the middle of the day.  Say what?!

I'll let the photos (which we took with our new 50mm lens!) tell the rest of the story...

Exploring the sundial

Sundial and shadows

A lovely day in Chapel Hill!

Yeah, so Ethan isn't totally in focus, but I couldn't believe I actually got a mostly sharp, non-grainy photo inside the planetarium!

A boy and his shuttle

A mama and her boy

Morehead Planetarium

To infinity and beyond, kiddo.

Sutton's Drug Store - quite possibly the best cheeseburger I've ever had!

Franklin Street

Happy weekend, friends!

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1 comment:

Carolina Carters said...

See! Told you you could do it! The pics look awesome! :) Looks like a fun day! :)

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