Saturday, February 28, 2009

House Arrest

As many of you may know, I've been placed on house arrest. On Friday morning, I went into my OB's office for a blood pressure check and was sent to Labor & Delivery about an hour later. The cause for concern was something called preeclampsia. I spent about 4 hours in the triage area having my blood pressure monitored and, what felt like, half of my blood taken out of my body. All of the testing came back normal and Jeramie and I were able to go home about 1:30 that afternoon.

If only it were that simple. Before we left, the doctor checked me, deemed me "uninducable", and then told me it was time to "retire" from my job. He also noted that I would probably NOT make it to my due date, with the more likely scenario being that I will be induced sometime next week. Out of all that, the hardest part to deal with has been the not working part. Don't get me wrong, I'll gladly take a few extra days/weeks off of work, but that comes with some issues of its own. There's the obvious financial burden that it'll place on our family since all of my time has gone to covering my maternity leave; but, we know that God's taken care of us all along, so we don't doubt He'll do the same now.

The more "petty" burden is sheer boredom. Thankfully, I haven't been placed on complete bed rest and I still have the freedom to move around the house. However, knowing I'm not allowed to leave said house until my baby comes is a little maddening. It's been a little over a day since I've received my sentence, and I'm already feeling a little restless. So, here's where you come in. If you had a full day to stay indoors and "putter", what would you do??


Shannon Smith said...

You could create a scrapbook documenting your pregnancy.

Genia said...

If you feel up to it, now is a good time to prepare a couple meals to freeze for after the baby is born. After the family leaves, you have restless nights and feel like you have no energy, not having to cook is a blessing.

Mandy said...

I think preparing some meals isn't a bad idea. I also was going to say give the house a good cleaning b/c I know I didn't get around to really cleaning the house for awhile. YOu will pick up all the time but not really "clean". We had also talked in the past about baseboards! how are those baseboards looking that you have wanted to clean? I caulked and started painting the bathroom baseboards yesterday! Not very fun ideas but practical ones. :) Scrapbooking is a good idea or making sure your pregnancy calendar is completely updated! Redbox?

Taylor Barbour said...

I think the meal thing is a good idea, but Donnie suggests, making Jeramie stay at home and wait on you hand and foot. I would have to say to stay at home alone for a day would be a blessing, but more than that would be hard. Maybe write a journal to your child, and let them know the blessing they are.

Genia said...

Oh, I definitely like Taylor/Donnie's idea. I think you could also make a list of the embarrassing things you can send Jeramie to the store to buy for you. (ie, pads, nipple cream, Hemorrhoid ointment).

Then again, the journal is a nice idea too. :-)

Anne said...

That would be difficult... I have to say I would need to have a variety of things to do.
Find a different good movie to watch each day. (Chick flicks are great if Jeramie is at work.)
Any kind of sorting project that I have wanted to get around to and never have time to do. (Have Jeramie move the box near a comfortable chair with a trash can near by.)
Find a good book to read.
Research something on the internet (easy recipes, suggestions for new moms, ...)
Also, find funny stories and/or jokes on the internet to remind myself to not take life too seriously.

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