Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"You should be sleepy..."

Hello, and welcome to Ethan's play time.

The past 2 nights (or, mornings) Ethan has woken up at 3:45 on the dot. Last night he was back to sleep by 5:30. It's currently 5:35 and he's not giving us any signs that he plans to get some shut-eye anytime soon. As Jeramie fervently tries to rock our happy baby to sleep I hear him say, with the most convincing voice, "You should be sleepy..."

Good try, Daddy. I think you may need to keep rockin'.

Here's a glimpse into our time spent together yesterday morning. Enjoy the smile at the end; this seems to be his favorite time to flash those gums!



Genia said...

We should get him and Calie together. This is her favorite time to wake up as well. I think she thinks it is time we can spend together just the two of us. She likes talking to me and getting my undivided attention. She is very smily this time of the morning.

Anonymous said...

such a precious, precious video watching the love between mommy and Ethan :)


jessica davis said...

ohmigosh...that was so amazing. he's probably so happy you changed his gown to the polka dot one! :) maybe I'm wrong, but that's definately worth getting up at 3:45. :) I love you and that little pumpkin. give him kissies for me.

Kim Smith said...

Arrgghhh! I miss you guys!!! Come home soon please. I need to see Mr. Ethan again! Palmer misses you, and Presley wants to meet you too.

Mandy said...

This video is adorable girl!

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