Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Incredible Weekend!

This past weekend just might go down in the books as one of the best I've had in a long time! There was much to be anticipated, and I was surely not disappointed.

It all started on Friday when one of my college roommates, Tara, came into town. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I am truly blessed to have had such an awesome roommate experience. Those three girls are still some of my best friends, even ten years later. Tara spent the entire weekend with us and we had a great time catching up and playing with Ethan!

We all went to the mall on Friday night for some dinner and a few food court rides. Ethan wasn't so sure about a couple of them, but finally settled into the Superman one!

On Saturday, Tara and I headed out to lunch with Brandi (one of our other roommates) and her new baby, Karter. That little boy is seriously the most laid-back, quietest infant I've ever seen! He slept through lunch, but I was able to get some adorable pictures of him snoozing away. All we needed was Michelle, and our quartet would have been complete.

Saturday night was just ... special. I really can't think of a better word to describe it. About a month and a half ago, I posted about a little boy named Jay. He's a fellow Duke heart buddy of Ethan's, and had a rough time recovering from a recent heart surgery he had up at CHOP. Things were very touch and go for a while there, and we were all praying for healing so that he and his family could come back home! Well, Jay made quite the miraculous recovery and the Foster family is now sleeping soundly in the comfort of their own beds! They threw a welcome home party for Jay on Saturday night, and we were honored to attend.

Jay looks absolutely FANTASTIC! Watching him run and play around the yard, one would never know what his body had endured over the past six weeks. Simply amazing. Of course, I loved catching up with his mama and being able to talk to someone who understands certain feelings first hand. We are so thankful for their friendship, and we're looking forward to more play dates in the future!

Jay showing Ethan how it's done!

Then, the long-awaited American Heart Association Triangle Heart Walk was on Sunday, and it was a HUGE success! When I first found out about this event a few months ago, I envisioned Ethan surrounded by those who have prayed him through the past 18 months. I think it's safe to say that dream most definitely came true...

We had 35 family members and friends join "Team Ethan" and walk with us on Sunday. When the walk started, and I saw our sea of blue shirts move throughout the crowd, I couldn't help but get emotional. At that moment, I felt so loved, and I can't wait for the day when Ethan truly understands how much people care about him.

Before the walk started, I had the chance to talk to a team from Duke LifeFlight. Just walking through the front gates and seeing that beast of an ambulance sitting there brought instant tears to my eyes. That is what transported Ethan from Rex Hospital to Duke on the night he was born, and I hadn't been up close and personal with it ever. I was able to thank the team for everything they do, and to share a little bit of Ethan's story with them.

The LifeFlight team gave Ethan a pin that we eventually put on his red survivor's hat ... seems appropriate, don't you think?

All in all, it was a great afternoon! I am so incredibly thankful for our friends and family who have supported us, loved us, and prayed for us during Ethan's journey. We love you ALL!!

Here are a few more pictures from the walk:

Oh... what's that, you say? You want to know how much money we were able to raise as a team? My bad.

Our team goal was to "recruit" 20 members who would raise $2,000. Well, I am ECSTATIC to report that our 35 family members and friends, though checks, cash, online donations, and recurring donations, raised a combined total of...


...and the donations are still coming in! I'd say that's pretty dang good for our first walk, wouldn't you? I am looking forward to the walks to come, and can't wait to see what "Team Ethan" can pull together and do for the American Heart Association in the future!

Thank you, again, for supporting a cause that is so important to our family. We appreciate every ounce of love we feel from our closest friends, and even perfect strangers!

It was one incredible weekend, indeed.


Meg Guenther said...

WooHoo!!!!! Go Team E!

Jen Foster said...

LOVE it! Congrats on the big walk success!

By the way, I'm 99% sure that the bald guy in your pic was on the Life Flight team that transported Jay to Duke.

Anonymous said...

Joye, what a weekend indeed!! I am Jay's great aunt (better known as AJ) - I didn't get a chance to chat with you at Jay's party but hope to meet you sometime soon!! So happy you and Jen have connected - lots to share, I'm sure!! Congrats on the walk...! AJ

Stefenie said...

Congrats on the walk!

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