Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Surgery Day Update

Hey y'all; this will be quick. Ethan's snoozing, Jeramie just got comfy in his chair, and I'm well on my way.

(Actually, I take all that back. Ethan just woke up, so now he and Jeramie are both in the chair, which is where I imagine they'll be sleeping tonight.)

It has been a long, but blessed, day. I will definitely write more later about the way everything happened, but I think my mother-in-law said it best when she said that this has been the smoothest surgery experience yet.

As long as all goes well overnight, we should be going home tomorrow morning. Nothing major to report here, just wanted to check-in.

Thank you so much for praying us through yet another surgery. I can honestly say I felt them coming all day long, and the proof is in the amazing recovery of one brave little boy.


Meg Guenther said...

Thanks for the update, Joye. This is the one time I REALLY miss being on FB. I think I checked your blog 8 times today! So glad that Ethan is doing well. The Tri Mulli are in our prayers tonight.

JDavis said...

yay!! so happy to hear! sorry we played phone tag all day. I go in a 3 tomorrow so maybe I'll talk to y'all once you get home? xoxo

Stefenie said...

So glad that things have gone smoothly for all of you Joye. Praying!!

Carolina Carters said...

I'm so glad everything went well! Praying for Ethan always! :)

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